It all starts with a spark of an idea!

Almanzora Supplies is the creation and brain child of its founder Nigel Thomas, who with nearly ten years of retail experience in a brick and morter business, developed a passion for reaching out to a far bigger retail audience. Hence Almanzora Supplies was born.

After many years successfully trading through the long hard days of economic downturn it was sad to see once thriving retail areas becoming almost ghost towns as more and more businesses shut up shop or moved away.

Having a brick and morter business rooted to one spot, only able to serve an ever decreasing radius of customers, is not the best of business models. It is also obvious that this is no longer what the customer wants either.

Developing an on-line presence has allowed Almanzora Supplies to reach and serve a much greater customer base with continued growth and diversification of product lines.

We are at the moment only scratching the surface, the potential growth is huge, with new markets in different countries all lined up for the future. The world is literally our oyster!